Aigburth 1 defeat Aigburth 2

31/01/2014 11:22

Aigburth 1 took the points in the all Aigburth Division 1 clash with a resounding victory over the Second Team. They managed 4 wins with the other 4 boards drawn. There was a quickfire draw on Board 1, Graham holding Roger with the black pieces. Nick and Tony P had a nice tactical battle on 4, both players looked happy to agree the draw. The damage was done on the bottom boards with Steve G, Tony Mc and Frank falling to defeat to Gerry, Rob F and James respectively. Dave Eisen continued his good form by holding Brendan on board 5. With the match now won, Ian, in a favourable position sportingly accepted a draw against Steve L.  The final game to finish was Andreas v Martin on board 2. While the spectators were hoping they would agree a draw so we could all go home, Andreas had other ideas, eventually forcing the mistake from Martin to take the full point. 6-2 the final score.