Aigburth 1 edge Atticus 1

25/10/2012 23:18

The First Team have kept up their 100% record by virtue of a narrow win against Atticus 1. In the early stages Andreas looked to have a good position and Brendan was also making progress on Board 5. Graham and Rob where fairing worse on their boards however and the other boards looked even. A close match was on the cards. A draw was agreed on Board 1 but was followed by losses on Boards 3 and 5. Brendan couldn't convert to a win but James and Dave had gained advantages in their games and got the wins. Andreas had drawn his game leaving the score tied at 3.5 points each with Board 6 to finish. Both players were short on time and fortunately for us the Atticus player cracked under the pressure first, blundering a rook to gift us the match victory. 4.5 - 3.5 the final score