11/12/2014 00:16

Despite missing their regular board 2, Aigburth 2 have picked up their second win of the season with an excellent win over Atticus 2. Danny put the team on its way with some impressive attacking chess to win on board 6. Tony P went down on board 3 but draws on 2 and 5 and wins on 7 & 8 put us in the driving seat. We needed a half point to win the match and Dave E obliged to seal the win. Graham was last to finish, losing a close endgame on top board.

The results on the night were;

G. Lilley v S. Kee - 0-1
S. Lee v A. Stancak - 0.5
A. Pimblett v D. Odunaiya - 0-1
D. Eisen v T. Bimpson - 0.5
S. Gerrard v D. Stuttard - 0.5
D. Rowlandson v S. Burge - 1-0
S. Korb v T. Webb - 1-0
A. Bond v S. Philp - 1-0

Aigburth 2 win 4.5-3.5