22/01/2015 12:28

Two quickfire draws on boards 3 and 4 kicked off proceedings until Roger won on Board 1 to put Aigburth 1 in front. That was as good as it got for the First team however as Danny and Alistair won on boards 7 and 8 respectively to put Aigburth 2 one up. Martin and Brendan agreed a draw which left boards 5 and 6 in play. Rob Frith seemed to have a big advantage over Dave E, but a brave King march from Dave led to some nice counterplay. The game could have gone either way and I think both players were relieved to be able to repeat the position. Tony tried to get some active play against Steve G but Steve held firm and with time not on Tony's side they agreed a draw.

Results on the nights were;

1. G. Lilley v R. Williamson - 0-1
2. M. Cooksey v B. Kane - 0.5
3. S. Lee v I. Campbell - 0.5
4. A. Pimblett v J.N Hawkins - 0.5
5. D. Eisen v R. Frith - 0.5
6. S. Gerrard v A. McNamara - 0.5
7. D. Rowlandson v F. Molnar - 1-0
8. A. Bond v W. Collinson - 1-0