First Team defeat Atticus 3

17/04/2013 23:53

The First Team have scored a crucial victory in Division 1 to move level on points with Atticus 1. In the absence of Ian Campbell the team introduced Graham Lilley and he didn't dissapoint, winning a nice Bishop v Knight endgame. Brendan had won his game but a loss for Nick had the score at 2-1 in our favour. As the spectating Atticus 1 members looked on in hope, Peter won his game but Andreas lost his first game of the season. On Board 8, despite an earlier advantage Steve drew his game by repetition to leave the score at 3.5-2.5 with Roger and Rob to finish. Thankfully Roger had a significant advantage on Board 1 and converted to a win to secure the match. Rob finished the night drawing a tricky Bishop v Knight ending to make the match score 5-3 as we breathe a collective sign of relief!

Atticus 1 still lead the division on board scores but have played all their games while we still have a game to play against Waterloo. A win or a draw in our final game will win the title outright.