17/11/2015 12:27

Our 1st Team beat Atticus 1 last week to claim their first win of the season. Gerry seemed to have the better of his game against his unknown opponent but settled for a draw with the black pieces. Dave Eisen came under heavy pressure, dropping an exchange and eventually losing. Steve's opponent neglected to castle which proved fatal as he gained a huge initiative. Rob swapped off a lot of pieces and ended in a drawn endgame while Brendan won a piece for a pawn in a complex position and finished with a neat mate. With both players in time trouble on Board 2, Mike managed to gain the upper hand and faced with the loss of a piece his opponent resigned. Roger suffered from a lack of active pieces in a blocked position and eventually lost the endgame. There was a real ding dong battle on board 8 which ended in slight controversy. Although James was a pawn up the final position looked like a book draw but the claim came after the flag had fallen. 5-3 the final score.