Summer Tournament - ROUND 1 RESULTS

04/07/2014 12:02

The Summer Tournament is underway!  First Round results below. No real surprises here, result of the round is probably Seans draw with Nick Martin.

Kane B v Lavin P                   1-0
Kane S v Martin N                 0.5
Coffey M v Collinson B          1-0
Smailek R v Lee S                0-1
Hawkins N v Tabor N            1-0 
Connor F v Pearcey D           0-1
Faulkner J v Kane D             1-0
Capstick P v McNamara T      0-1
Molnar F v Anderson H          1-0
Philips L v Webster P            0-1

Byes were taken by Williamson, Carr, Gerrard, Barker and Raynor