Summer Tournament - ROUND 2 RESULTS

10/07/2014 09:32

Pearcey D v Coffey M - 1-0
Lee S v Faulkner J - 1-0
Carr S v Molnar F - 1-0
Lavin P v Webster P - 1-0
Raynor T v Capstick P - 0.5
Collinson W v Connor F - 1-0
Anderson H v Smialek R - 0.5

Current standings
2 pts     Lee and Pearcey
1.5 pts  Kane B, Hawkins, Carr and McNamara
1 pt       Faulkner, Molnar, Coffey, Lavin, Kane S, Martin, Gerrard, Williamson, Collinson, Webster and Rayner   
0.5pts   Capstick, Anderson, Smialek, Kane D, Tabor and Phillips
0pts      Connor

The new alternative time control of 75 mins plus 15 seconds a move was used on the top three boards and I think proved a success.

As usual if you require a bye (everybody can have 2 half point byes) please let Dave know in advance.