Third Team Match Report versus Wallasey

21/10/2012 18:11

Steve G Reports - Difficult away match last night against a team whom are likely to challenge for the title and who where top of the league with 100% after the first few games of the season. Sean lost in about 12 moves but his game was dead in 7. Dave Aldridge was the exchange down so it was not looking good for us at the midway point in the match. However, this 3rd team seems to have plenty of fight in them and good wins for Frank and Dave P gave us a small advantage. Dave A did very well to hold his game and bring home a draw. Not sure what happened in Tony's game but he did seem good at one stage. However I was told that Tony had blundered and lost. Dave P told me that the pressure was on me to win my game to win the match. In truth, there was very little pressure on me. I was in control of my game with a small positional advantage and my opponent starting to struggling for time. 20 minutes later, my game was won and Aigburth had won the match and we are now top of the league. Great team performance, lads! More homework for Sean I'm thinking, lol.