Dave Pearcey's British


When Aigburth founding member Dave Pearcey started off his campaign with a draw against the highest graded player in the first Morning tournament at the British Chess Championships I doubt even he thought he would reel off three staight wins and find himself playing for first place in the last round. Pictured in action on the home page, Dave won the game against his young opponent and secured first place and a nice cheque to go with it.

And here is Dave receiving his cheque from international Master Andrew Martin with Senior ECF Arbiter Peter Purland leading the applause.
Some might rest on their laurels but Dave was back on the second Monday, after the weekend off, to play in the Under 150 competition. Having reeled off four wins in a row the previous week Dave proceeded to win three more games on the trot and all against higher graded players. A draw against another higher rated player left three players tied on three and a half out of four. In the last round, two of those players played each other and Dave had the Black pieces against a higher rated player on three.
Pictured below in play in that game

the game got a lot harder when there was a decisive result on the other board leaving Dave needing to win to secure equal first. Although Dave had won the exchange things were looking sticky as a White Rook and two Knights menaced the Black King but Dave defended coolly and when White missed the forward lunge of a passed pawn the game was effectively over.
All that remained was to come back the next day to receive his prize from the Lord Mayor of Liverpool

Having won two competitions Dave won one of the additional prizes generously donated by John Moores University for the best performance by a Merseyside player.

Either Dave is playing the Ruy Lopez or he is posing for the press photograph.